Like most people I have a variety of interests.  I don’t believe anyone is one-dimensional and I think we all like to talk about “what’s ailing us.”

Or maybe you want to share some GOOD news?

Whoever you are, or whatever you want to talk about, let’s at least begin the conversation.

Oh, and I vastly prefer a little humor over profanity.




  1. Denise J. Nicholas

    Denise Jennings Nicholas here and I have been reading your articles. My grandmother was Grace Litchfield on my mother’s side and Georgette Jennings Beatty, my aunt, on my father’s side. You have inspired me to start recording my memories of Old Eddyville. I also have waited too late to get info from them. My parents died young and Gracie, Aunt Gette and Uncle Julian gone now. Your article on losing your co-worker to murder was very well written and poignant.

    • Wade Kingston

      Thank you, Denise. My biggest regret, as I mentioned earlier, was in not sitting down with my grandmother and getting her story. She wanted to share it. As a child she remembered knowing old slaves that the family had owned, before they passed. All I know of her ancestors is that they owned a few slaves and were reportedly good to them. So good, in fact, that the slaves stayed on their property afterwards and took their names. She got that directly from one of the old slaves, whose name I long ago forgot. She told Grandma, “Yore grandpa weren’t never mean to none of us.” Grandma always referred to them as “our people,” but not in the sense that they owned them, but in the sense that they were like family. Of course, they were still slaves, and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, but that’s the story I got. I felt better hearing it. I wish I had gotten all of her old stories. Once gone their history is lost forever. Get their stories down as soon as you can.

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