Fried Red Tomatoes Recipe Ready for August

Fried Red Tomatoes Recipe. I thought it was about time–especially since my blog is entitled “Fried Red Tomatoes”–to add my own recipe for this amazing summer treat.

Tomatoes are ripening all around, and eating one fresh off the vine is amazing. (As a child I carried a salt shaker in my pocket this time of year). Perhaps nothing beats standing in the garden with warm tomato juice running down your neck–but a fresh fried red tomato comes very close.

Smear a bit of sour cream, ranch, or blue cheese dressing on a hot fried tomato just to cool it enough for eating.  Sheer summer delight. The taste buds practically sing.

Recipe and instructions follow.

Before beginning here’s some advice. Don’t use an overripe tomato. Red is fine as long as it is still fairly firm–else the tomato won’t cook properly.  I pick mine when very pink but not completely ripe. Remember to preheat your oil and don’t add too many to the skillet at once as it reduces the oil temperature.  You do not want soggy fried red tomatoes.


  • nearly ripe tomatoes
  • flour
  • corn meal
  • salt
  • pepper
  • egg
  • milk
  • oil for frying

The amounts for the above ingredients will vary depending on how many tomatoes you want to cook. Begin with one egg and small bowls of milk, flour, and corn meal.  You can always add more if you fry more than three tomatoes.

Assemble your ingredients for fried red tomatoes. Slice your tomatoes fairly thickly. Lightly salt and pepper both sides of tomatoes. Dip each tomato first in milk, then coat with flour, then dip in slightly beaten egg, then coat with cornmeal. This process creates a nice thick and crunchy coating. (Make it easy on yourself beforehand and line the bowls up in order. Milk first, then flour, then egg, then corn meal. Have paper towels handy to wipe your hands on).

Fried red tomatoes are better prepared in the skillet than “oven-fried.” Place in preheated (medium high) skillet of oil (one inch of oil will do) and cook until brown on each side.  It won’t take but a couple of minutes per side, so don’t leave them unattended. I find that using tongs helps immensely with the turning of the tomatoes as it prevents splashing. If using a fork turn them carefully. Try not to add more than three or four slices of tomato to a skillet at one time.  You don’t want to reduce the temperature of your oil by overloading it.

Drain on paper towels until cool enough to eat.  Savor.

Do you have another way of preparing fried red tomatoes?

© Wade Kingston


    • Fried Tomato

      I sincerely hope you like it. This is the recipe my grandma used. I think she sometimes used buttermilk, which might even be better. Some recipes simply use bread crumbs with hardly any coating. I suppose it’s just a matter of preference. Thank you for your response.

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