Freezing Flavorful Herbs

Not as good as fresh, but better than dried, freezing those flavorful herbs will give you several months of nearly full flavor before you resort to using the dried forms.

If you have an abundance of herbs and are trying to keep them as fresh as possible, consider freezing them. The flavor will be better than the dried form, and you can keep them for four or five months in your freezer. But freezing them won’t help you if you go to all that trouble only to forget they are in the back of the freezer. Mark them well, putting the type and date on a piece of masking tape and affixing to the bags–or better yet use a permanent marker and write on the bags themselves. It also helps to keep a written record on a piece of paper and affix it to the outside of the refrigerator/freezer. That way you won’t forget to use the herbs.

Freezing flavorful herbs
Frozen flavorful herbs

First method–Use whole leaves of verbena, mint, marjoram, parsley, sage, oregano, and tarragon. For dill, fennel, and thyme use sprigs. Whichever herbs you choose, make sure the leaves are dry, spread them out on a cookie sheet, and freeze for two hours.  Once they freeze, double bag them in freezer bags–and don’t forget to mark the bags.

Freezing herbs in cubes
Freezing herbs in cubes

Second method–Process the herbs (one at a time) in a blender with water until finely chopped. Add two tablespoons of each herb (be consistent so you’ll know how much a cube holds) to each cell in an ice cube tray and add water to cover. Freeze until solid. Remove and follow the directions above for bagging, and don’t forget to mark the bags.

You can just plop a cube or two in your soup or stew and away we go!

Have you had success with either of these methods?


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